Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken Garage Door Springs Replaced

Garage Door Torsion Springs are located on a torsion tube usually located directly above the garage door when it is in the closed position. Torsion Garage Door Springs are the most common garage door counter weight used today. Garage doors using torsion springs will have at least 1 garage door spring, but could have as many as needed to properly balance the weight of your garage door.

If you have a Broken Garage Door Spring, your garage door operator will stop lifting the door a few inches above the ground. This lets you know something is wrong. Look at the garage door springs usually located above the door and see if one of them looks like the picture above. If your spring is broken Call Garage Doors America for fast repair of your garage door springs.

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Warning; Don’t fall into the “Lifetime Warranty Trap”

Many garage door companies run ads claiming; Lifetime Warranty. When a garage door company advertises Lifetime Warranty, at best it is misleading – at worst it is a scam. These companies will warranty the parts for a lifetime, but will charge you a service call and labor fee every single time the parts need to be “warrantied”.  These companies tend to use the lowest grade parts or used parts; knowing you will be calling back soon for a “warranty”. Google the term “garage door lifetime warranty scam” to inform yourself.

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